Is community news important to you?

 Cambridge is on the verge of losing one of its last remaining sources of local news.

 The Cambridge Chronicle, a Gatehouse/Gannett publication, eliminated its Cambridge staff in June 2002. Cambridge Day, an online newspaper founded by volunteer editor Marc Levy in 2005, will cease publication without immediate community support.

We, the Cambridge Local News Matters Advisory Board, are committed to stopping this upsetting trend and are working now to develop a long-term plan that can offer high-quality, independent coverage of city matters in a financially viable and sustainable format.

 But first, we need to hear from you!  What would you like to read about and learn about in your local news? What issues matter to you most? How would you prefer to get your news. In print? Online? By phone? 

The following survey will take about 5 minutes to complete but will provide invaluable input to our planning process.

Feel free to send additional comments to us, as well, at the end of the survey in the comment box or at And consider contributing to our Go Fund Me campaign to provide a near-term lifeline to keep Cambridge Day afloat by linking here.

Thank you for your time and your support.

Cambridge Local News Matters Advisory Board
Susanne Beck-journalist, former foundation executive, non-profit director, advisor and consultant, investment banker
Rick Harriman-Former Chair, Cambridge Community Foundation, innovation consultant
Mary McGrath-award-winning public radio and podcast producer, journalist 30 years, resident
Bob Simha-Past Director of Planning, M.I.T. for 40 years, resident
Kristen Wainwright-former literary agent, lifelong resident, former marketing/ad executive
Cathie Zusy-civic activist, former President, Cambridge Club, former museum curator