Inventory Methods

Inventory Methods is an artwork about accretion and subtraction; accumulation and reduction.
         •It is a record of old pajamas discarded as useless and accumulated as rags.
         •It is a record of weights, each tube containing 4 ounces of waste materials: rags.
         •It is a declaration of the beauty that remains in the devalued, worn, discarded.
As a culture, we seem to associate moral judgment with systems of measurement.  This survey will allow you to participate in the artwork.  You are invited comment on what you see in the windows of Susan Hensel Gallery or on the Susan Hensel Projects website and how you perceive systems of measurement and ideas of beauty.

Your responses are anonymous and will remain so.  However, your language will become part of the material of this artwork.  It is my intention to print out and scatter the responses in the window with the tubes of rags and seek other inspirations from your responses.  Thank you!