The Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council and Resiliency Coalition Clean Energy workgroup would like your input. 

We are collecting information about clean energy sustainability plans and efforts to better define future programs for local governments and to inform the Regional Action Plan.

There are specific questions for facilities and operations, transportation, and affordable housing. You will be directed to questions that pertain to your responsibilities. The survey should take about 10 minutes.

Question Title

* 4. Sustainability and Energy Resilience.
Please tell us about your local government and the following management efforts. Check YES or NO for each topic.

  Yes No Don't Know
Have a Sustainability Lead (coordinator, manager)
Have a comprehensive Sustainability Plan
Specific departments have energy conservation plans
Have conducted an energy risk assessment for buildings and critical infrastructure
Have conducted an energy risk assessment for community buildings (shelters)
Have a plan/defined goals for using Clean Energy
Municipal Facilities and Operations

Question Title

* 5. Do you have responsibility for Municipal Facilities and Operations?