Greetings FUMC Family,

During this unique time in the life of our church and country, we decided to make the best use of our time on staff to ensure that our membership rolls are accurate.  We are annually asked by the Texas Conference if a membership audit has been conducted.  To my knowledge, we have not conducted a membership audit for at least twenty years.  A little over a year ago, we moved to an updated membership software (SHELBY NEXT) which meant moving data from the old to the new software.  It’s very possible errors were made in that transfer.  So, we have developed a survey for you to provide updated information for us.  We hope you will help us  update our data base.  We appreciate your help in this endeavor and we appreciate your support of your church. 

There are important questions throughout the survey, but an essential part is informing us if you no longer are a member of the church because you transferred your membership and we are unaware of this change.  It is also essential to let us know if you have been baptized or someone in the household has been baptized.  Again, thanks so much for helping us.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Rick

Question Title

* 1. Membership Status