PECS is an evidence-based, functional communication system often implemented with individuals who are nonverbal, or who have limited speech.

  • Part One of this 2-part series provides caregivers with an overview of the PECS system; the supporting evidence and summary of the various phases.
  • Part Two, caregivers will learn how to recognize motivation, identify preferred items and practice the communication exchange. 

After completing the 2-part series caregivers are eligible for consultation to assist with individual questions. Assistance with material prep may also be provided.

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* 1. Child & Community Resources is offering a wide range of services to support children, youth and families. 

It is not clinically recommended to be engaged in more than one consultative-type service at a time.  Being actively involved in another consultative-type service may impact clinical integrity and negatively affect outcomes for your child or youth.

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* 2. Eligibility Requirements:
Caregivers of children and youth with a confirmed diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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