The goal of the Vision Team is to propose a new entity which is
"one nimble and responsive judicatory faithful in mission and responsible in stewardship"

* 1. Help define the MISSION.  "The mission of the United Church of Christ in West Virginia, Northern Kentucky, and Ohio is ..........

* 2. How might the wider church of the UCC in this geographic area be organized to fulfill that mission and become "one nimble and responsive judicatory?"

* 3. The Vision Team has three working groups:  Best Practices (studying how
some ministries can be shared effectively); Structure and Form (exploring
ideas for what this entity would look like); and, Finance and Stewardship
(considering how to manage Association and Conference finances). 
What would you like to say to these working groups?

* 4. Some feel our name "Ohio Conference" fails to recognize that we have
congregations in West Virginia and Northern Kentucky.  What should we call
this new entity?

* 5. Other comments:

Thank you for your ideas and concerns.  Your responses will be added to ideas shared at the Listening Sessions held throughout the area in February and March.  Even if you attend one of the sessions, you are welcome to complete this survey.  We'd like to hear your ideas no later than March 12.  Contact us for other information using this email: ocuccvision@gmail.com