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Animal Place's Food for Thought campaign encourages animal rescues to adopt an animal friendly menu policy for their events. We are in the information seeking phase and invite you to take our survey so we may better understand your needs and interests. All identifiable information will remain confidential.

* 1. First and Last name

* 2. email address

* 3. Job title

* 4. Shelter Name

* 5. Work phone number

* 6. Address 1:

* 7. City

* 8. State

* 9. Postal Code

* 10.
Do you accept poultry (chickens, geese, turkeys, etc) at your shelter?

* 11. Do you intake rabbits, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, or horses?

* 12.

Do you adopt out poultry or other farmed animals?

* 13. Does your shelter have a menu policy for shelter-sponsored events?

* 14.

Is this menu policy board-approved?

* 15. When was your policy accepted?

* 16.
If you answered no, is your organization considering or would consider adopting an animal free menu policy?