Frankford & Susquehanna - Green Space Feedback, Spring 2023

Help NKCDC decide; what does "Green Space" mean at 2200-08 Frankford Ave?

This past autumn 2022, New Kensington Community Development Corporation (NKCDC) reached out to near neighbors, asking for feedback about future uses of NKCDC owned land near the intersection of Frankford & Susquehanna.  Over 850 people responded, and the community’s vision was clear:  86% asked that 2200-08 Frankford remain green space.  70% asked that 2211-17 Frankford remain outdoor vendor market space. You can read more details about the feedback results here:
Now, NKCDC is seeking your feedback on the question, “What type of community green space is desired at 2200-08 Frankford?”  
1.Tell us about yourself.
2.What would you like to see the most at 2200-08 Frankford Ave?  Click on your #1 top choice below.  Keep in mind funding is very limited, and most improvements will be dependent upon community volunteer time and labor.
3.Which other things would you be happy and open to seeing at 2200-08 Frankford Ave?  Choose as many as you like.
4.Are you interested in volunteering to make these improvements possible, or wish to be contacted about future volunteer days?
5.If yes, please enter your phone number and/or email address here.  Or, to keep your survey response confidential but still be contacted, send your contact info to or text (833) 901-2072.