We are conducting a survey to gain an understanding of creditors’ views of the insolvency regime. This survey contains ten simple questions and shouldn’t take more than three or four minutes to complete. Please complete before 14 March 2014.

* 1. What is your biggest single issue or concern?

* 2. What single improvement would you like to see?

* 3. How would you rate your knowledge of insolvency processes/procedures? 1-10 (1 = extensive knowledge)

* 4. How could any knowledge gaps best be filled?

* 5. What is your view of the way in which fees are set and monitored?

* 6. How would you complain if you were unhappy with the actions of an IP?

* 7. What do you believe is the role of the Insolvency Service?

* 8. How effective is the regulatory regime for insolvency practitioners? 1-10 (1 = very effective)

* 9. How confident are you overall with The Insolvency Service’s investigation and enforcement regime? 1-10 (1 = very confident)

* 10. Do you have any other comments or observations you’d like to share?

* 11. Name (optional)

* 12. Job Title (optional)

* 13. Company Name (optional)

* 14. Email address (optional)

Thank you for completing this survey.

All personal information and data provided will be held securely and will not be disclosed.