I have a crazy idea to launch a new print magazine around the country focused solely on MEAT. If you have seen the cheese magazine called "Culture", you will know what I am talking about. I am thinking of a magazine that is focused on demystifying meat production, highlighting sustainable producers, rediscovering breeds of animals, understanding what contributes to meat quality, processing meat humanely, maximizing carcass efficiency, bringing out the best in the meat quality, meat cooking techniques, the politics of meat, and more. I would LOVE your feedback in helping me determine my potential audience, market, topics of interest, and more so I can put together an effective business plan and find good collaborators!

* 1. Please rank your level of interest in a new MEAT magazine that would be focused on everything meaty- from the animal production to the smoker and all topics in between. Potential topic ideas include backyard animal production, rotational grazing, breeds, low stress animal handling, on-farm slaughter, slaughterhouses, kill methods, butchering, further processing, smoking, charcuterie & dry-curing, home curing DIY, home butchery, meat preservation, whole animal cooking, meat recipes, selling retail meats, and much more.

Very Interested
Somewhat Interested
Take it or Leave it
Not so Interested
Stupid Idea

* 2. If you could pick topics that would be covered in this new meat-focused magazine, what would they be? Share up to 10 topics you would like to see covered (& that you would actually read!)

* 3. What would you be willing to pay retail for a quarterly meat-focused magazine of around 80-100 pages in length?

* 4. What sales outlets in your city/community do you think might work for a meat-focused magazine? Be as specific or broad as you want. For example, Al's Country Delicatessen or the local bookstore...

* 5. If you could advertise your products/services through this nationally-distributed meat-focused magazine, what features would be most important to you? Pick all that are important to you.

* 6. In order to launch this magazine, I will need free, quality photographic, writing, & recipe contributions for at least the first 2 issues before I can begin paying people. Would you be willing to contribute any of that? If yes, what exactly might you propose to submit? Give me your contact info. if you want me to follow up on your ideas.

* 7. Any other thoughts on how I can launch a quarterly meat-focused magazine and make it successful? All thoughtful commentary is welcome...