The Buffalo History Museum | Red Jacket Award Nomination

Established in 1957, The Red Jacket Award is presented by The Buffalo History Museum in recognition of “quiet, continued, unbroken devotion to our civic progress and needs by one who, through such devotion, has thereby enlarged our awareness of our heritage in order that it may be built upon for the enrichment of our future.”

The following should guide you in your nominations: 
- Emphasis should be placed on recognition of a continuum of quiet, unbroken devotion to our civic progress that enlarges awareness of our heritage and enriches our community.
- Through community leadership, the nominee makes a positive impact to our social well-being, or history is created.
- The award may be given for civic achievement and service in any category.
- Though elected officials may be considered, the award may only be given when the recipient no longer holds elected public office.
- Board members of The Buffalo History Museum will be considered when his/her term of service ends.

Special consideration and emphasis should be placed on community service and civic contributions outside of the candidate’s professional career. 

Nominations are due by 11:59pm on Friday, March 9, 2018. 
Nominees are not to be told they are under consideration. 

* 1. Nominee Contact Information

* 2. Years you've known nominee

* 3. Your relationship to the nominee (I.e.: professional colleague, volunteer colleague, friend- be specific).

* 4. Please list civic organizations (ie, cultural, education/youth, health care, community development) that the nominee has been involved with on a volunteer level. List the nominee's role and year(s) served to the best of your knowledge.

* 5. Beyond financial contributions, please provide examples of the candidate's demonstrated positive impact to our social well being or historic legacy. How has the nominee exhibited traits of a social philanthropist?

* 6. Optional: In your own words, why is the nominee worthy of this award?

* 7. Your Contact Information (in case we have questions about your nomination)

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