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* Please rate the importance of the following services as they relate to you and your needs.  Check only one box per row.

Occupational Training/Retraining
Job Search Workshops (e.g. Resume Writing, Interviewing, Job Search Strategies, etc.)
Financial Literacy Training
Labor Market – Career Information
Career Counseling
Basic Computer Skills Training
Entrepreneurial Training (Starting your own business)
Work Ready Training (e.g. Teamwork, Problem-solving,Communications,  etc.)
GED (High School Diploma Equivalent) Preparation
Adult Education/Literacy (assistance in improving reading, writing & math skills)
English as a Second Language (assistance in reading, writing & comprehending English)
Job Placement Assistance (job referrals)
Self-Directed Job Search (use of computers, printers, copiers, etc. for job search)
Support Services (assistance with child care, transportation, housing, clothing, work-related expenses, etc.)

* Other- Please describe

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