RESOLVE Research Request Criteria

Type of research:

RESOLVE supports scientific and clinical research that promotes knowledge, understanding, and well-being of people experiencing reproductive impairment, loss and family building. Research should uphold the ideals and mission of RESOLVE. It should be of such quality and purpose as to be publishable, and with final results shared with our organization. In order for research to be accepted for listing on the website, the study must meet the following criteria, and researchers agree not to initiate contact with RESOLVE volunteers directly about participating in or promoting their research.


Researchers who wish to post their request for participants should be able to demonstrate:

1. The purpose of the research and learning outcomes;
2. Credentials and background of the primary investigator and/or persons conducting the research, i.e. resume and or vitae;
3. What, if any, financial support or grants are funding the research;
4. Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval to ensure that federal, state and institutional policies are followed. IRB documentation (i.e. IRB approval letter) must be included with initial application;
5. What is expected of study participants (i.e., how much time to complete a survey; taking medications; IVF evaluation and treatment, etc.);
6. What, if anything, participants may receive from being involved in the research (i.e., free IVF cycle; gift card; receiving the results, etc);
7. The material is appropriate for public posting and not potentially objectionable (i.e., of a sexual nature); and
8. Researchers must complete an initial application form and provide the study mechanism (survey questions, interview questions, format, etc.).


RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association lists research studies open to individuals as an educational and information service only. The posting of research studies on this website is not an endorsement or recommendation of such studies. There are many other studies which, for various reasons, may not be listed here. RESOLVE makes no representations or warranties with respect to quality, efficacy, safety, reliability, qualifications, or desirability of the studies or researchers, and specifically disclaims any other warranties, express or implied.