1. Improving photography services for you...

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Thank you for taking part in this quick survey!
This should hopefully allow me to understand YOU better and improve the photographic service that is offered. As a way of saying thank you for completing the survey all participants will receive some yummy jelly beans - perfect for those afternoon sugar lows!

All participants will also have the opportunity to have their name pulled out of a hat (quite literally!) and will receive 2 hours free photography (Events, Marketing, PR, services, advertising, corp portraiture) PLUS 2 free tickets to Folk by the Oak (http://www.folkbytheoak.com/buy) managed by the wonderful JSL Productions.

Thank you for your time, it is greatly appreciated.

* 1. What value does effective imagery have in your company at the moment? (Think about how often you use it, the quality needed, if it appears on a lot of your websites, marketing material, is used in promotion or sales etc)

* 2. If you could know one more thing about how, when or why good quality and exciting photography could benefit your business what would it be?

* 3. What problem do you most commonly come across when commissioning a photographer?

* 4. Is there anything you don't understand about photography and photography services (For example file types, the benefits of good imagery for your business, pricing strategies, license to use and image rights, briefing a photographer, how many other companies use it)

* 5. What is the best way for a photographer to stand out to you and your business? (Tick all that apply)