Philanthropy Missouri (formerly Gateway Center for Giving) has produced an annual report on capital and endowment campaign efforts since 1996 as part of our work to connect, inform, and strengthen the philanthropic sector. While Philanthropy Missouri (PhilMO) suspended this report last year, we are pleased to offer it once again – now as a statewide organization. All Missouri nonprofit organizations are invited to participate, with a focus on the St. Louis Metro Region.*
The information collected in this survey helps grantmakers to gain a better understanding of the work your nonprofit organization is planning, understand your vision for the future, and learn how they can support your long-term sustainability. 
All responses must be submitted by Thursday, October 13, 2022, at 5:00pm (CT). We’ll publish the data later this year, providing the community with a current assessment of the capital and endowment campaign landscape as well as offering historical context from twenty-five years of survey data.
Thank you for completing the following survey. Even if you do not have an active campaign, your responses inform the overall landscape and help us better connect with you in the future. If you are running concurrent campaigns -- e.g., an endowment AND capital campaign effort -- please complete the survey for each campaign. 
*Note: As an organization with a new statewide focus, we are exploring how this resource may be useful to other regions of the state. We welcome any Missouri nonprofit to respond to this survey and will adjust analysis to reflect participation. 
5% of survey complete.