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The Mom In Your Life

Sport and physical activity have a special ability to bring families together. Through fun learning moments, early mornings, evening practices and new challenges, sport creates special moments and stories that make us smile. Mom is there through it all. And you're there for her too.

So how about the mom in your life? How does mom stay active and inspire you to do the same?  Is it trying a sport for the first time; having fun throughout the years; or training hard and celebrating with family and friends?

Alternatively, perhaps in the absence of organized sport due to COVID-19, has a new favourite activity emerged? (Living room workouts, anyone?)

Be part of the #MomsGotGame campaign and share your story! Whether you are a mom telling your own story, or you’d like to share and celebrate the mom in your life: this survey is for you. Stories are eligible to be published and shared through our campaign's hub on sirc.ca from March through to May, 2021.

By participating, you could be eligible to receive a #MomsGotGame prize package, valued up to $100 - just in time for Mother's Day!

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