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Please take a few moments to share your comments and suggestions on the services you received from Transitional Family Services. Your comments help us to improve our quality of service and listen to our referral sources. We value your opinion! (All submissions are anonymous)

* 1. Todays Date:


* 2. What county do you operate in (or made referral for)?

* 3. What type of agency do you represent?

* 4. What TFS office did you refer to?

* 5. When referring cases to TFS, what type of services do you request? (check all that apply).

* 6. Please rate the following aspects of our work.

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Communicating clearly and effectively
Keeping you informed of progress
Timeliness of delivery of services
Usefulness of services for your needs
Working with you and your agency to achieve goals
Interaction with your agency staff (and consumer)
Responding promptly to problems

* 7. Overall, how do you rate the quality of services we provide?

* 8. Based on our performance, how likely is it that you will use us in the future?

* 9. Please share with us any suggestions you have for improving our services (or comments on services). Include any requests for additional services you would like to see offered by TFS in your county/region. If you would like us to contact you please provide name and contact information (otherwise submissions are anonymous).