2017  Free Trees for PLT Teachers

Please keep a copy of your responses for later reference.  You can cut and paste them into a document.

ONLY completed applications will be reviewed and ranked, with notification of award by April 1

Application deadline is 5:00 pm March 31.

* 1. First teacher contact information

* 2. Second teacher (if any) contact information

* 3. When and where did you attend a Project Learning Tree workshop? If none, how do you plan to meet this requirement before your project date?

* 4. What is the date of the planting or tree project?

* 5. What is the location of this project? Is this public or private land? Describe it, please.

* 6. Why did you choose this location?

* 7. What is the purpose of this planting or tree project?

* 8. How many students will be involved in this project?

* 9. What grade level or age are the students?

* 10. How will students be involved in this project?

* 11. How many leaders, volunteers, parents or other adults will be working with you? What will they be doing?

* 12. What is a back-up plan, in case of inclement weather or other challenge ?

* 13. How many total trees are you requesting?

* 14. What type(s) of tree(s) are you requesting?

* 15. From which local natural resources agencies, organizations or individuals -if any- have you sought advice in planning this project and/or selecting the trees? (not a requirement, but helpful)

* 16. Do you plan to work with any other organization, community group or agency to accomplish this project (not necessary but may help with success and sustainability)?

* 17. How do you intend to keep the trees alive until they become established?

* 18. What logistics, materials, and resources do you need to provide for your project?

* 19. What are your plans for announce this project to your school, district and community?

* 20. Do you have administrative support for your project?

* 21. How did you hear of this opportunity? Be specific, please.

Thank your for your willingness to help young people enjoy the experience of planting a tree. Good Luck!