Nativity of Mary Faith Formation Survey

Religious Education and Family Faith Formation Program at Nativity of Mary

We are in the process of preparing a new, more family-inclusive model of religious education for the parish that will begin the end of September. During the next few weeks, we will all learn a little more together about this program with weekly updates.

In a document written by the U. S. Catholic Bishops, titled Our Hearts Burning Within Us, the bishops asked all parishes to provide more opportunities for Adult Religious Education. One of the ways they recommend doing this is with a family or inter-generational model for religious education. And so we will move away from a graded model of religious education (weekly classes for each grade) to a family model with monthly classes for the whole family, but particularly for families with children grades Kindergarten through Grade 8. The program requires that at least one parent attend the monthly meeting with their child(ren) as the family formation is primarily led by parents and facilitated by materials, support and information from parish staff members.

We have several options we would like you to consider.  The program would be open to the family.   We would meet once a month with a possible, optional second meeting a month.

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Cathie Baier

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