1. We Need You!

Trees in an urban environmental are extremely important. They provide us with shady, cool, and attractive streets to live in, as well as food and resting spaces for our local fauna.

Trees contribute to the way in which we view our streets and suburbs, and can even increase the value of properties through increased local street amenity.

In Perth’s harsh climate with long hot summers, decreasing rainfall, and increased local temperatures, urban trees are facing a variety of challenges in order to thrive. It is essential for land managers (such as local governments) to address these challenges in order to continue providing the community with an abundance of suitable high performing trees.
We are looking to understand your vision for the street trees in the Town of Mosman Park. The following questions and pictures will help us understand your current perceptions, and what you want to see in the Town's future streetscapes!
The Town's Street Tree Master Plan, soon to follow, will need to be a balance between Your Vision, What We Can Deliver and What Mother Nature limits. While we may know what will work, and how much we can achieve in terms of resources, the missing part is your streetscape visions and desires.
The survey is expected to take around 13 minutes and will help to set the tone of our streetscapes for decades to come.

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Venn Diagram