* 1. Where did you hear about maxamind?

* 2. What is your profession?

* 3. What, if any, apps do you currently use to enhance your productivity?

* 4. What is your preferred desktop browser?

* 5. What kind of smartphone do you have?

* 6. What kind of tablet do you have?

* 7. How often do you use the following devices to make lists or track tasks?

  Always Sometimes Rarely Never

* 8. How important is it for you to have all of your lists sync across all of your devices?

* 9. What is your most common medium for storing notes, thoughts, ideas and such?

* 10. How do you keep your lists organized?

* 11. How would you rate your average daily level of stress?

* 12. Do you receive calendar notifications on your phone?

* 13. How frequently to you allow apps to use your current location?

* 14. How do you currently remember to Get Things Done?

* 15. Would you be interested in a trial copy of maxamind?