* 1. Which category below includes your age?

* 2. What is the highest degree you have received?

* 3. Which of the following categories best describes your employment status?

* 4. How much combined income did your HOUSEHOLD earn in 2012? This includes money from jobs; income from business, rent; and any other income received by members of your HOUSEHOLD EIGHTEEN (18) years of age or older.

* 5. Were you initiated at an undergraduate or graduate chapter?

* 6. Which District were you made?

* 7. Have you ever held a fraternity office?

* 8. Is your wife or lady in a sorority?

* 9. What is your favorite Zeta Omega event?

* 10. The Fourth District Meeting is in Cleveland, Ohio and hosted by Zeta Omega (May 1-4, 2014). Do you plan to register for the District meeting?

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