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This survey is here to gather information about how readers over the age of 13 have and continue to interact with their favorite media through fan works including fanfiction, fan art, and fan videos. Specifically we are interested in how participating in fandom has influenced your reading, writing, creativity, and literacy.

We are using this survey to gather information about fandom and reading in order to better represent what you all think about fandom and fan works when speaking and writing about them in our professional lives as librarians, authors, and speakers.

If you agree to take this survey, you are agreeing to fill out the following online survey and understand your responses will be used to present the general results at the American Library Association Annual Conference 2012 and at the Young Adult Literature Symposium 2012. There is also the future possibility of an article or longer written piece containing this research, and in that case identities will be concealed and pseudonyms may be used if requested. If a respondent over 18 has indicated we may do so, we may quote specific responses in a future print publication, but would only do so after we have their express, written permission.

Thanks for taking the time to weigh in!

* 1. We will be using the information gathered from this survey to report back to our colleagues in the library world about fandom, fan work, and participatory fan culture and its connections to reading, authorship, literacy, and creativity. We will not be using any identifying information in our reports except general age categories, and we will never connect your personal information with our survey results.

If you would like to grant us permission to use your full name and age in reporting about this survey, there will be an option at the finish of the survey to let us know your information and to grant us permission to use your name. If you are between the ages of 13 and 18, we will not publish your personal information. All survey takers must be at least 13 years of age.

* 2. Please select the group you most belong in for the purposes of this survey. If you are librarian and an adult reader, please take the survey twice (there are different sets of questions for each role you play.)