* 1. Name (to be used for tracking submissions only; responses are anonymous)

* 2. General presentation skills

  Almost never Sometimes Neutral Occasionally Almost always
Appeared organized and prepared
Spoke loudly and clearly enough
Made eye contact with the audience
Delivered presentation at an appropriate pace
Effectively engaged the audience
Demonstrated thorough knowledge of subject matter

* 3. Please rate presentation effectiveness, with regard to

  Almost never effective Sometimes effective Neutral Occasionally effective Almost always effective
Providing sufficient technical background
Presenting key results/conclusions
Communicating the impact/application of the discovery/technology
Making connections between the work and research labs on campus
Moderating discussion
Time management (sticking to allotted time)
Communicating to life scientists
Communicating to chemists & engineers/physical scientists

* 4. Has this presentation sparked interdisciplinary ideas, such as:

* 5. What did you like the best about this presentation?

* 6. What did you like the least about this presentation? Do you have any comments or
suggestions that might help him/her improve future presentations?

* 7. Please indicate which strategies were used to promote discussion and how well they worked.

  worked very well worked OK worked poorly not used
Presenter asked the class discussion questions
Two people were appointed to prepare questions and discussion topics
Class divided in half to articulate pros and cons of the work

* 8. Provide reasons why promoting discussion was effective or not.