Getting to Know You

In 2013, Capital Region Water took over the water systems in Harrisburg. As your water utility, we want to provide the best service possible. In order to do this, we want to know what our customers’ priorities are so that we can improve.  Please take five minutes to complete the following survey. Thank you.

* 1. As a CRW customer, how would you prioritize our focus areas?

  Not Important Somewhat Important Neutral Important Very Important
Environmental Impact
Water Quality (from my tap)
Water Quality (in rivers and streams)
Reliability of service
Customer Service
CRW's involvement in the community
Utility rates
Street flooding
Elimination of Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO)

* 2. How would you rate Harrisburg’s water quality?

  Lowest Highest

* 3. How would you rate Harrisburg’s water service (availability, pressure, etc.)?

  Lowest Highest

* 4. How would you rate Harrisburg’s sewer service?

  Lowest Highest

* 5. How would you rate Harrisburg’s stormwater service?

  Lowest Highest

* 6. How do you think utility rates in Harrisburg compare to other cities?

* 7. What is your preferred method of paying bills?

* 8. What is your preferred method of reporting water or sewer related issues to Capital Region Water?

* 9. What is your preferred method for receiving pertinent information regarding your water and sewer service (alerts, updates, etc.)?

* 10. Do you use social media? If so, which site do you prefer?

* 11. What neighborhood do you live in?

* 12. Do you participate in a neighborhood or community group? If so, which one?

* 13. Do you use the Susquehanna River for boating, fishing, or other aquatic activities? If so, how often (please write activity and frequency)?

* 14. If you could improve your water and sewer systems, what would be your priorities?

* 15. Please tell us about any known current infrastructure issues in your neighborhood.

* 16. Is there anything else you want to tell us?

* 17. Please help us get to know you better.