1. HydraForce Bundled Machine Solutions

HydraForce will be offering multiple "Bundled Electro-Hydraulic Machine Solutions" for common machine functions. We're looking for your input on packages we should offer in the future and how you feel in general about HydraForce offering bundled solutions.

* 2. Will the reduced price of the bundled solution allow you to sell more systems?

* 4. Besides a bundled fan drive machine control solution, what other types of bundled solutions would you like HydraForce to offer?

* 5. Was the application information helpful? Did it clearly define how to use hydraulics to improve fan efficiency?

* 6. Was our combination of the EFDR2 Fan Drive Controller and TS Series Proportional Valves helpful to you when selecting components for your hydraulic System?

* 7. Where the schematics provided informative enough to help you design your fan drive system?

* 8. In your opinion what could we do to improve this program in the future?

* 9. What do you currently rely on most for information regarding HydraForce products? Choose 3 of the following.