Grant Synopsis:

This research grant provides funding for research that implements the Academy’s Research Agenda for Dietetics. The Academy's Research Agenda for Dietetics presents numerous research needs. A topic or topics for the Hertzler Grant will be selected by the Academy Counsel on Research. Only proposals addressing the selected topic(s) will be considered for funding. $15,000 is available, but half will be awarded only after a satisfactory final report has been submitted to the Academy Foundation and the Academy Counsel on Research.

This grant provides $15,000 in funding.

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Applications are due July 1, 2018, by 11:59 PM CST.
2018 Research Topic:

The research proposal should address the nutrition care for treatment of adults with heart failure. The seed grant is intended to gather preliminary data to enable further funding. Projects should focus on implementation of the Evidence-Based Heart Failure Nutrition Practice Guidelines.

Examples of projects might include:
  • Development and testing supplemental educational/counseling materials
  • Implement at least one to two recommendation statements from heart failure guidelines to determine feasibility of use of EBG in diverse populations or settings
  • Focus groups for identification and evaluation of barriers to implement EBG in a variety of settings, or
  • Development and testing performance improvement protocols evaluating the implementation of the EBG. 
As background information to help frame a potential research project, the applicant should reference the Evidence-Based Heart Failure Nutrition Practice Guidelines. The link to the Evidence Analysis Library (EAL) is located at

The application should also state precisely how this preliminary data will be used to pursue additional research funds and indicate the specific funding agency and the research concept of the larger grant to be pursued.

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