Waka Tupeka Kore - He ngaru nui mā te waka ka taea
A great ocean wave can be overcome.

Over the last year many of us have been sorting out new relationships, roles and responsibilities after a massive Tobacco Control sector realignment.  During that time our Waka Tupeka kore has spent the last 12 months on dry dock and we feel it is time to get our waka seaworthy again.  We are looking for people to join us on our waka and share in our journey. But first, we need some information. 

* 1. Have you read the new Smokefree Action Plan? You may also know it as the 'Achieve Smokefree Aotearoa Project' (ASAP) launched Aug 2nd 2017.
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* 2. If you chose yes, what stood out for you that you think is worthy of a national Māori focus in the Action Plan?

* 3. Would you like to be part of the “Waka Tupeka Kore” group? If so why, if not why?

* 4. What is the reason for your answer?

* 5. Do you want to remain on this Māori ontheground2025 email list?

* 6. What do you think about a series of “Waka Tupeka Kore” hui to re-engage and reinvigorate Māori collective action to progress the Smokefree action plan?

* 7. Do you know any new kaimahi, or kaimahi that have changed organisations that we should pass this survey onto? If so could you share their contact details here for us: