Disability Access and Inclusion Survey

Whyalla City Council is in the process of developing its inaugural Access and Inclusion Disability Plan (DAIP). 

The plan will assist Council in improving access and inclusion to all residents whilst setting the framework to ensure that those people living with a disability will be able to access and participate in mainstream services and programs. 

Council recognises that social inclusion is fundamental to a person’s quality of life and critical to achieving positive life outcomes across all areas. 

In broad terms Access ensures that every member of the community can use the physical environment, transport, information, and services equally. Inclusion moves beyond that by recognising that attitudes and expectations may exclude people just as much as lack of ramps or accessible parking. 

In developing the DAIP, Council will ensure it is aligning with the Disability Inclusion Act 2018, the Disability Inclusion Regulations 2019 (SA) and the State Disability Inclusion Plan. 

Council would like to ensure it is meeting its strategic direction of providing a range of services and facilities which promote a safe and engaged community, that is healthy, culturally and socially rich. 

To assist Council in the process of developing the plan, we would love to hear feedback from you via the following survey. 

The survey is open from 25 June to 17 July 2020. 

Hard copies can be forwarded to the address below whilst online can be submitted electronically.  If you require assistance in completing the survey, or require it in any other format, please contact Council's Community Services Team on 8640 3444. 

Whyalla City Council

PO Box 126 Darling Terrace

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* 1. Would you like to provide your name and address? (Optional)

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* 2. Do you identify as:

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* 3. What age group are you:

The first section of the survey will address Inclusion: 

‘An inclusive community is defined as doing everything that it can to respect all its residents, gives them full access to resources, and promotes equal treatment and opportunity. Works to eliminate all forms of discrimination. Engages all its residents in decision-making processes that affect their lives and values diversity’

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* 4. How inclusive do think the City of Whyalla is? (please tick one response below).

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* 5. How does the City of Whyalla include you? (please tick all that apply)

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* 6. Has there been a time where you have felt like you were excluded from participating in City of Whyalla programs, activities or events please explain?

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* 7. What can the City of Whyalla do to be more inclusive? (tick all that apply)

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* 8. What accessible or inclusive initiatives have you seen or heard about that the City of Whyalla can learn from? (please tick all that apply)

The following part of the survey relates to Accessibility 

‘An accessible community is barrier-free and doesn't limit anyone's participation in everyday life. In accessible communities, people with disabilities can be active participants, gain information and access facilities’, such as: 

·         Getting into buildings

·         Footpaths / Ramps

·         Enjoying parks and playgrounds

·         Toilets and change rooms

·         Accessing Programs

·         Online Information

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* 9. How accessible is the City of Whyalla? (please tick one response below).

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* 10. Have you ever experienced any difficulties or barriers accessing any of the following? (please tick all that apply)

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* 11. Are you aware of any programs or services that City of Whyalla provides for people with disability?

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* 12. What kinds of access does the City of Whyalla do well? (tick all that apply)

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* 13. Do you have any other suggestions or comments on disability access and inclusion within the City of Whyalla?

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