Temporary traffic signals are currently in operation at the intersection of Water and Cumberland Streets to assist with traffic at the detour route during the final phase of reconstruction on Brookdale Avenue.

These temporary signals are not property of the City of Cornwall and they will be removed once the work on Brookdale Avenue is completed. The installation of permanent traffic signals at the intersection would cost approximately $150,000.

There has been some public discussion about whether the traffic signals should remain in place permanently.

In order to assess this matter, the City of Cornwall undertook traffic studies and warrant assessments following traffic engineering methods and provincial guidelines. The study determined that permanent traffic signals are not warranted at this intersection at this time. This intersection has a very good safety record and sufficient gaps in traffic occur so that pedestrians and vehicles can safely proceed across Water Street.

In addition, there is a new signalized pedestrian crossing on Water Street at Bedford Street as well as at Water Street and Brookdale Avenue. These two crossings are both within 250 metres of the Cumberland and Water intersection and provide signalized access to the waterfront.

As part of the overall review, City Council has asked for public input on the matter. Please take a few moments to respond to the questions below. Your responses will assist in the decision-making process.



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* 1. Are you a resident of Cornwall?

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* 2. How do you most commonly travel through this intersection?

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* 3. Do you feel permanent traffic signals are needed at the intersection of Cumberland and Water Streets (without the additional traffic detoured as a result of the construction work on Brookdale Avenue)?

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* 4. Do you have any comments you wish to add?