This home study module must be completed in order for you to be able to count contact hours (Proxy Hours) for time spent by students on one of the eight state-approved curricula outside of the scheduled classroom days and times.  

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* 1. Name and mailing address (where you want to receive your AdultEd mail):

Answer the questions in this home study. You will need a copy of Section 13: Distance Education of the WVAdultEd Instructor Handbook. You may access a copy of this at the WVAdultEd website at  

Your responses will be reviewed by the Distance Education Office personnel. Upon review, if no further clarification is needed, you will be notified that you have successfully completed the in-service requirement; your DE certification will be recorded in AEMIS; and you will be approved to begin counting "after class" student contact hours (Proxy Hours).  

If, upon review, further clarification is needed, you will be asked to submit additional information BEFORE your credit is awarded and approval is given to begin counting Proxy Hours in AEMIS. If you have questions, please contact Rebecca Metzger at or 1-800-257-3723 ext. 202.

Note: You will only be certified as a distance education instructor after you have completed all of the training requirements for the software or learning programs you have indicated. See Section 13 of the WVAdultEd Instructor Handbook for information on the training required for each approved software.

* 2.  Indicate each of the curriculum in which you plan to be certified.

* 3. For each curriculum indicated above, please indicate the training you have completed that qualifies you to use this curriculum by specifying in the text box the Date and Location beside the name of the training that you have had. If "other" is indicated, also specify the name of the training.   Your AEMIS professional development transcript will identify this information for you. If you have questions, please contact Rebecca Metzger at