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Nomination Deadline: September 30, 2022
Click here for sample nomination form.
Nominees should meet 5 of these 7 criteria:
1. Demonstrates effective and professional interaction with colleagues and coworkers. (5 pts.)
2. Demonstrates proven methods in leading by example. (5 pts.)
3. Effectively provides educational opportunities for staff to learn and grow skill sets. (5 pts.)
4. Establishes an environment that is proactive vs. reactive to emerging trends and/or issues in the field. (1-10 pts.)
5. Recognizes, rewards, and reinforces the efforts of others within their agency. (5 pts.)
6. Provides mentoring to the field of recreation in and outside of the agency. (2 pts. for each action)
7. Has served in a leadership role in, or on behalf of, KRPA. (5 pts. for each role)
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