Hi, we want the Frost*collective website to be as helpful and useful as possible for yourself and other visitors. Would you be up to answer a few quick questions to tell us what you think about it? It won’t take more than 5 minutes and it would help a lot.

* 1. What brought you to the site today?

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* 6. Have you worked with one of the Frost*collective teams before?

* 7. From 1 to 7, being 7 the highest score what is your interest in each of the teams?

  1 / Little interest 4 / Neutral 7 / High interest
Frost Design
The Nest
The Frost*collective overall

* 8. From 1 to 7,  being 7 the highest score please rank the following questions.

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How easy was it to find what you were looking for on our website?
How likely will you be sharing this site with other people?
How likely would you visit us again?

* 9. From 1 to 7, being 7 the highest score how would you rate the website on the following parametres?

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Look and feel of the website
Organisation of the content
Ease of finding information
Content (Clarity of language used, spelling, grammar)
Relevance of the information

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