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As you go through the survey feel free to pull in additional leadership team members to work through sections of the survey.  Please coordinate with your leadership team and make sure that we are getting ONE Economies Survey per makerspace location.  You can check makethedata.org/leaderboard every week to see if your space's has been received. 

DO NOT use the Back button on your browser. We have learned that this is a problem with Survey Monkey.

There is a PDF copy of the survey on makethedata.org/take-the-survey if you would like to print out or see a complete list of questions prior to taking the survey.

Results for the Survey of Makerspaces will be posted on makethedata.org, and the annual report will be delivered at NOMCON 2020. 

Let's start off with some basic information about your makerspace. 

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* 6. What is your governance model? How do most of the key operations decisions get made in your space. (Select the one that applies most often to your space.)

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* 7. Date makerspace opened for business. (If you only know the month and year, leave the day as 01)

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