UUJEC, in its commitment to celebrate and support economic justice, is seeking activist Congregations or Justice Committees to apply for its’ bi-annual “Economic Justice Leadership Award.” The award will be presented to one UU congregation active in the fight for economic justice through systemic change (policy work, political activism, addressing inequality etc.). We’d like to hear about your work however big or small, complex or focused. 
Deadline to apply is May 31st at midnight. The award recipient will be selected and notified by June 8th with the award presentation scheduled for the UUJEC Annual Meeting at General Assembly. The award can be accepted by someone else on behalf of the winning congregation if you will not be attending GA.  All other congregations completing the application will also be recognized. Additionally, UUJEC will highlight, celebrate and share your economic justice endeavors online and via our print publications to highlight best practices and encourage collaboration.           

You may choose to type your responses to the questions in a document on your computer prior to filling out this application. Once completed you could then copy and paste your work into this form. Please save your work as technical glitches beyond our control may occur. 

If you have any questions, please contact uujec@uujec.com. 

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Please be concise, in 300 words or less, tell us about the economic justice work in your congregation.

* 3. Please be concise, in 300 words or less, how is the leadership of your congregation involved in your economic justice work?

* 4. Please be concise, in 300 words or less, how have you made economic justice activity a sustainable part of your congregational life?

* 5. Please be concise, in 300 words or less, what results or changes have you noticed because of your activity?

* 6. If you have a web address or links to articles featuring your group in action, please enter them here.