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* 1. How Old Are You?

* 2. Would/Do You Shop Online?

* 3. Have You Ever Purchased Or Been Given A Handmade Accessory, Rather Than Mass Produced?

* 4. Would You Purchase A Handmade Product From A Local Designer If It Was More Expensive Than A Similar Item In A HighStreet Shop?

* 5. Approximetly, How Much Do You Spend On Clothes A Week?

* 6. Which Of These Brands Reflects The Style Of Bag You Prefer?

* 7. What Is Important About A Bag To You?

* 8. Would You Spend More On A Bag If It Was Designed Especially For You?

* 9. Would You Consider An Accessory By ZukieStyle For Yourself Or As A Present For Somebody In The Future?

* 10. Finally, Please Describe Your Ideal/Dream Bag. (Including Your Choice Of Fabric)