As practice-based staff, we would be very grateful if you were able to participate in this survey, the results of which will be used to inform national debate about the development of new models of primary care. Your views are invaluable in ensuring that the challenges and issues are properly understood at a national level.

This survey should take no more than five minutes to complete and your participation is voluntary. The same survey will be re-circulated in 2016 to determine what has changed. Your participation will again be voluntary. Your responses will be completely confidential, anonymised and any data collected will be stored securely.

Answers should reflect the current situation in your practice or GP organisation/network.

If you have any questions at all, please contact Hannah Price at

Many thanks for sparing the time to take part in this survey.

Dr Maureen Baker, Chair, RCGP
Rosamond Roughton, Director of NHS Commissioning, NHS England
Nigel Edwards, Chief Executive, Nuffield Trust