This is an informal survey to collect opinions about the current editing environment of Wikipedia.

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* 1. Have you ever edited Wikipedia? "Edits" here means mainspace (article) edits, not talk page or user page edits.
(Choose only one answer)

* 2. If "No" to question #1, why have you never edited Wikipedia?
(Choose as many answers as apply to you)

* 3. Do you currently edit Wikipedia?
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* 4. If you used to edit Wikipedia but now do not, list your reason(s) for leaving
(Choose as many answers as apply to you)

* 5. If it were your decision, would you consider allowing Wikipedia to be used as a primary research resource for students?
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* 6. Are you or have you ever been a teacher or instructor in an educational institution?
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* 7. Please describe your education level/qualifications

* 8. Please indicate your age bracket