Please join us in support of a state sponsored Illinois Interagency Council on Ending Homelessness.

Homelessness is an ongoing crisis in Illinois, exacerbated by COVID-19. The response to homelessness in Illinois is very complex, under resourced, and fragmented. Now, is a pivotal time. 

An end to homelessness requires collaboration around a shared vision. Housing is the solution to homelessness. Services are critical to housing stability. Leadership is needed to establish this vision.  An Interagency Council on Ending Homelessness is needed to finally end homelessness in Illinois.

The Illinois Interagency Council on Ending Homelessness would tackle big picture issues on homelessness and housing.

The council would be tasked with:
  • Creating a state plan to prevent and end homelessness, including unnecessary institutionalization, that assesses overall needs, coordinates resources, and promotes national best practices
  • Recommending policy, regulatory, and resource changes needed to accomplish the objectives outlined in the state plan
  • Sustaining a non-partisan approach to addressing homelessness and unnecessary institutionalization
The possibility of preventing and ending homelessness in Illinois is within our State’s reach. Therefore, please join us in our request to the Office of the Governor to establish the Illinois Interagency Council on Ending Homelessness.

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