If you ever work at home but sometimes feel you need better broadband or access to an office space, but wouldn't want or be able to commit to renting an office, then we want to hear from you!

Callander Community Development Trust and Stirling Council are looking into options for a digital business hub to be based in Callander. We have an opportunity to trial some of the services in the former VisitScotland Information Centre at 52-54 Main Street, such as a flexible business or study touchdown location for people who currently, or who might in future, work from home in the area.

Home working has become much more common in recent years. The advantages include greater flexibility, especially to better fit family and work commitments, and financial, time and environmental savings from reduced need to travel. Disadvantages include missing the informal contact with colleagues or having to invest in equipment which might only be used rarely. In parts of Callander and the surrounding area, poor broadband and mobile phone coverage are also significant issues.

Touchdown desks and high quality broadband and IT equipment could help ensure that local homeworkers maximise advantages while helping reduce disadvantages. 

This initial survey is intended to explore the current extent and views of home working in the Callander and surrounding area and the likely demand for a hub and for services which might be provided.

Thank you for taking the time to give us your views.
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