Help Hawthorn get better! And enter for a chance to win a $20 ISU Dining giftcard!

This survey helps us understand your purchase behaviors so that we are able to deliver a better service to you. There will be 11 questions asked and will it should take you approximately 3 minutes to answer them. Please, choose one or multiple answers if provided, otherwise please write down your responses.

* 1. Do you live at Frederiksen Court?

* 2. Do you have a meal plan?

* 3. If you do not have a meal plan, please indicate the amount of money you usually spend on your visit to Hawthorn.

* 4. Indicate the number of times a week you eat at Hawthorn during the various meal times listed below:

* 5. Please, mark the venues within Hawthorn that you typically purchase your food from:

* 6. Do you usually carry out or dine in?

* 7. What are the primary reasons you visit Hawthorn?

* 8. How would you rate your affection to Hawthorn from 1 to 5 points (1 = "I don't like Hawthorn at all", 5 = "I love it here"?

* 9. What improvements could we make at Hawthorn that would cause you to purchase items from us more frequently?

* 10. What is the reason (if any) that made you stop coming to Hawthorn to eat?

* 11. Where else do you prefer to eat when not dining at Hawthorn?

* 12. If you would like to be entered for a chance to win at $20 ISU Dining giftcard, please enter your contact information here: