Research Priorities Survey

One in five people are affected by depression and anxiety in Australia. Research is important to identify the causes, prevention and best treatments for depression and anxiety.


We know that research (in many areas, not just mental health) can sometimes seem out of touch and irrelevant, as it doesn’t always focus on the things that matter most to the people who the research is intended to benefit.


We want to change this! We want to focus our research on answering the questions that are important to people who live with depression and anxiety, and their loved ones. We want to identify the questions that if answered, will make the biggest difference.


That is why we’re doing this survey. This survey will help us learn what  questions YOU think research should be focusing on, and what questions we need to answer to make the biggest positive impact on people who are living with depression and anxiety.


Our aim is to get 1000 people to do this survey, and we invite people who experience depression and/or anxiety, their loved ones, carers and health professionals.


First you’ll read a description of the study, and if you are happy to proceed, we will ask you questions about yourself, and then ask you what questions you want answered about depression and anxiety.


Thank you!