Hi my name is Debra Primovic and I am the Managing Editor here at Petplace.com. My job is all about giving you, our users, things that are useful, interesting and which make caring for your pet a little bit easier. We are in the process of hiring a new vet to give you advise and write a column about pet care.

We need your help! We have several highly qualified final candidates for the job. Can you help us choose by telling us which of the following characteristics you value most? We thank you very much for your time. I need to get to know you better. To do this, I have come up with a simple survey which will takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

As a thank you for filling in this survey, you can register to win a beautiful 11 x 14 inch oil painting of your pet worth over $129.00. The paintings are absolutely gorgeous (I have one of my cat and another Petplace team member has one of her dog - We love our paintings!).

Thanks for answering a few questions and for helping us make Petplace an even more useful site for you.

All the Best,

Debra Primovic, DVM
Managing Editor