Help the Illinois State Council of SHRM (ILSHRM) continue our tradition of advancing the HR profession, meet new colleagues, use your skills, develop new expertise, and give back to SHRM– and have a lot of fun at the same time. 

Current Open Positions:
Applications will be open until December 31, 2017 for the following volunteer leadership positions: District Director. 

Volunteer Requirements and Expectations:

You are a National member of SHRM and will remain so for the duration of this role

This role is appointed for a one year term with possible extension of two more years 

You have a dedication to furthering the mission of SHRM

You have knowledge relevant to your assigned committee

You can commit to actively participating in all board meetings and activities (in person or via conference call)

You will act as an ambassador for SHRM within the State of Illinois’ HR community

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* 5. Position of Interest

* 6. Are you a local chapter member? 

* 7. If yes, which chapter?

* 8. Are you currently a volunteer within the chapter? 

* 9. If yes, what is your role?

* 10. List any other volunteer roles which you have held (title of role and years of service)

* 11. What specific expertise do you have that is related to role for which you are applying?

* 12. Please paste your resume below