Building a healthier community by connecting people with coordinated health and wellness services

Lake Country Health Planning Society, in partnership with the District of Lake Country, is developing the Lake Country Health Hub. A Health Hub offers one-stop, convenient access to Primary Health Care. Primary Health Care is not just about doctors, it is integrated, patient-centred care that is provided by multi-disciplinary teams that focus on health promotion, education, and disease management. A Health Hub is place where residents can receive a wide range of services, supports, information, and resources to meet their physical, mental and emotional needs.

We are asking you to fill out this survey to help us prioritize Health Hub services and partners. Partners could include not-for-profit organizations, health and social service providers, the Health Authority and government.

Example of a Health Hub in action….

Imagine you have been diagnosed with diabetes. Your doctor has given you a prescription and talked to you about what you need to do but you are still confused. You’re not sure if you can afford the medication and you are wondering about the side effects. You’ve heard that diet and exercise changes can help control diabetes but you need to know where to start. What do you do?  Answer: You go to the Health Hub.

A Health Hub could provide a nurse to discuss your health and any changes you might see. The Health Hub could provide a pharmacist to talk about your medication and answer your questions. A social worker could help you navigate medication coverage, recommend a support group, and link you to other services within the Hub. You might want to see the dietician to ask about diet changes. You might want to talk to the foot care specialist. You may want to join an exercise group. You may feel you want to talk to a counsellor. Your team will work together to provide timely, patient-centred care that is tailored to your unique situation and needs. This is what a Health Hub is all about.

Survey Instructions: We want to capture each person’s unique health and wellness needs in order to better match services to community priorities. So please complete a survey for every single person who lives at your residence (One survey PER PERSON). We know that not everyone will be able to fill out a survey (a young child for example), so please fill out a survey for anyone who is unable to do it on their own. This helps us capture a better picture of what residents need. If you wish to discuss the Health Hub further, please call Lake Country Health Planning Society at 778-215-5247. Thank you.

The survey is anonymous.

* 1. In which Lake Country ward do you live?

* 2. What is your gender?

* 3. What is your age?

* 4. How long have you lived in Lake Country?

* 5. Who provides your health and wellness care and where do you receive it? Please check all that apply for each of the service providers listed below.

  Currently access in Lake Country Currently access outside of Lake Country Would access if the service provider was available in Lake Country Not applicable
Nurse Practitioner (diagnoses and treats illness, prescribes medication, performs medical procedures and can order and interpret tests)
Mental Health Support (e.g. Counsellor, Psychiatrist, Outreach Worker)
Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Support (e.g. Education, Counselling, Support Groups)
Disability Support (e.g. Education, Advocacy, Equipment)
Caregiver Support (e.g. Education, Resources, Support Groups)
Complementary, alternative, and inegrative medicine (e.g. naturopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, accupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy, osteopathy, Reiki)
Medical rehabilitation services (e.g. physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, respiratory therapy, exercise physiology)
Dental Care
Hearing Care
Foot Care
Nutritionist, Dietician, Health Coach
Sexual Health Outreach and Testing
Laboratory Services
Child Care (e.g. preschool, daycare, day homes)
Medical Imaging (e.g. X-Ray, Ultrasound)
Substance Use and Addiction Support
Social Worker (e.g. advocacy, community resources and referrals, education, and social development supports)
Family doctor/General practitioner
Public health nurse (e.g. maternal/child care, school health, immunization, injury prevention, health education, disease prevention, harm reduction)

* 6. The following are known barriers to accessing health care. Please indicate how these barriers may prevent you from receiving the care you need.

  Completely prevents me from getting care Often prevents me from getting care Sometimes prevents me from getting care Does not prevent me from getting care Not applicable
Availability of services or resources
Cost of service
Hours of operation
Distance to / from service
Lack of transportation
Cost of transportation
Inaccessible buildings and transportation (e.g. for persons with mobility challenges)
Knowing about service providers or resources

* 7. How could health and wellness care in Lake Country be improved?