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House League Coaching Candidates:

Thank you for your interest in coaching with South Loudoun Basketball (aka MLBL). 

About the Program: South Loudoun Basketball (SLB) is committed to developing a high quality basketball program geared toward player development. The objective of the SLB is to provide basketball recreation and skills instruction within a competitive environment for all players and volunteers, including good sportsmanship and respect for each other, coaches, spectators and officials.

The Coaches Selection Process:  Our House League Commissioner and each respective grade level coordinator will review the candidates for the program and notify the coaches of their conditional approval to coach (dependent on background screen).  Assistant Coaches are not guaranteed to be paired with a head coach, as the first priority is to try and maintain parity within each division. 

The Player Evaluation and Team Selection Process:

For grades 3-8, coaches who are conditionally approved will be invited to participate in their respective grade level evaluation process.  At the conclusion of the evaluation process, each house league grade level commissioner will receive evaluation results. The players evaluated within each grade level will be ranked by their evaluation cumulative score. The scores and ranking file will be sent to each approved coach. A house league draft will be conducted by the grade level division commissioner at the end of October, following the travel selections.  Evaluation results are distributed to the coaches, and this file is provided ahead of the house drafts so the coaches have time to review players they may want to draft. During this draft process, teams will be formed and finalized for house league play.  Children of coaches are protected in the draft process, and will be placed in the appropriate round of the draft based on the results of the independent assessment.   Evaluation results and draft order are considered sensitive information and are not to be shared outside of the group.    

Requirements for Coaching:  Coaches must be 18 years of age or older and have completed high school to coach independently (without an adult assistant or adult team manager). Coaching candidates who are currently attending High School will be required to have a Team Manager or Assistant Coach who is over 18 and have completed High School.  

Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Team Managers over 18 will be required to complete a background screening.  We contract our background screening with the National Center for Safety Initiatives.  All background screening information remains confidential, and the SLB board receives only a “green-light/red-light” result of the screening. 

Additionally, we are also requiring all coaching candidates (youth and adult) to complete an orientation session (90 minutes), coaching clinic (2 hours), and a concussion awareness online program (20-30 min).   The coaches orientation Session is scheduled for Tuesday, September 19, 7:00pm at Freedom High School.  A make-up orientation will be scheduled for November. 

Submitting the Application:  Please complete the attached application and return the completed application electronically to by 5:00pm EDT on Friday, September 15, 2017.  Applications can also be mailed to the address above, and must be postmarked by Friday, September 15, 2017.  Applications received after the deadline may only be considered if there is are vacancies.

Thank you for your interest in coaching with the South Loudoun Basketball program.  Any questions can be sent to
Section 1 – Personal/Administrative Information:

* 1. Please list the following information:


List any players related to you (children, etc.) that will be playing this season. Include children playing at all levels (house, travel, etc.)

* 3. Player Name(s):

* 4. Grade Level(s):

Section 2 – Coaching and Playing Experience
Coaching Experience: List your coaching experience within the last five years. Work from the highest level (competitive) first back to house league play (not in chronological order). Higher levels with successful documentation will be evaluated more favorable.

* 5. Coach Experience 1

* 6. Coach Experience 2

* 7. Coach Experience 3

* 8. Coach Experience 4

* 9. Coach Experience 5

Playing Experience: List your basketball playing experience (from highest level first) noting specific awards or certifications received as a overall assessment of your basketball knowledge

* 10. Playing Experience 1

* 11. Playing Experience 2

* 12. Playing Experience 3

* 13. Playing Experience 4

* 14. Playing Experience 5

* 15. Have you ever been ejected from a game and/or served a suspension as a result of your actions as a coach, assistant coach or spectator (in any sport)?  If yes, please provide details

Section 3 – References

* 16. Reference 1

* 17. Reference 2

* 18. Reference 3

Section 4 – Question and Answer
Please answer the following questions completely. Attach additional sheets as necessary

* 19. Please list your desired practice days:

* 20. Please list any bad days for practices:

* 21. List any affiliations or experiences with other basketball programs:

* 22. List any additional experience working with youth:

* 23. Youth Coaches Only: If you would like to pair up with other youth to coach a team, please list the name of the two coaches that you would like to pair up with:

* 24. If you have an Assistant Coach or Team Manager over the age of 18 that you would like to work with, please put his/her name here. If you are an Assistant Coach or Team Manager candidate who wants to sponsor one of the youth coaches, put the youth coach’s name here:

* 25. Adult Coaches: If you desire to pair up with another parent as a coach or assistant coach, please put that person’s name here. Please note that we do not guarantee coach and assistant coach pairings, All of these coach and assistant pairings must be approved by the league commissioner and all the coaches prior to the start of the draft.

Section 5 – Acknowledgements

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