* 1. Parent name:

* 2. Email Address:

* 3. Did you pilot Mason's Alveary in the 2016-17 school year?

* 4. Do you have younger children who would also be using Mason's Alveary in 2017-18?

* 7. Which of the following conferences and/or retreats have you attended since 2014?

* 8. Please indicate if you belong to any of the following groups:

* 9. Name of student applicant 1:

* 11. Grade level of student 1 applicant for 2017-18

* 12. Name of student applicant 2:

* 14. Grade level of student 2 applicant for 2017-18:

* 15. Name of student 3 applicant:

* 18. Why do you want to join the Mason's Alveary pilot program?

* 19. What Charlotte Mason resources/curricula do you use currently?

* 20. Before submitting your application, please indicate that you understand the following by checking the appropriate box below: I understand that, as a pilot member, I will not be allowed to share any information about the Mason's Alveary high school program with non-pilot members. I understand that pilot programs serve the purpose of making a program better, and I am prepared to deal with changes to the program, to educate myself using materials provided for me, and to provide feedback whenever it is asked of me. If I have concerns about or frustrations with the program, I agree to contact the Alveary team directly about them instead of talking with others, including other pilot members. I understand that following the programs and lesson plans and submission of exams will be expected of me.

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