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You may think that the trick to attract more men is to look like Kate Upton: but before you reach for the peroxide, you should know there is a simple psychological technique that will make men approach you more.

If your friend always gets more male attention, or you want to (at least for a few days) be the woman who stands out in a room, you may be missing out on the one item that makes him want to approach you.

As a dating expert I know that if a guy isn’t approaching you it’s for one of two reasons: (and the second one won’t be what you expect)

You don’t stand out to him and he’s more attracted to other women nearby. (For your information, this doesn’t mean you’re less attractive, you’re just not standing out – this is different)

He is attracted to you and can’t think of anything to say to you.
We all know that men and women’s roles have swapped around a lot in modern times and to be honest that has left men a little uncertain about what’s appropriate (or not) to say to flirt with you.

This is made a lot worse when, no matter how much flirtatious eye contact you’re giving him, he’s just not coming over. Pretty frustrating… but not quite as frustrating as never feeling like you’re getting flirtatious eye contact full stop.

There is an easy solution to both of these problems though: you need to increase your visibility.

And no, this doesn’t mean trying to change your DNA. You’re just got to understand that men are hardwired to associate a person who looks ‘unique’ and ‘stands out’ with being beautiful.


Let me give you an example — if there are a room of 100 women and one of them chooses to wear red, whilst everyone else wears black, who do you think is going to be rated as disproportionately attractive…? EXACTLY.

Plus if you’re the only woman wearing red in the room it’s a great conversation starter for him as it provides an easy basis for a compliment. So, if you want to get approached a lot more you have to make yourself more of a conversation starter… it could be that you put on a coat of red lipstick on your commute home, you wear a statement necklace or a coat with a quirky print.

You don’t need Kate Upton’s insane proportions to be sexy – you just need to up your visibility and sex appeal by choosing to stand out from the crowd, and through giving him an easy way to say hi.

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