Children's Special Health Care Services Client Survey 2024

Please help us improve our services by answering the following questions.
Thank you for your participation.
1.Are you involved in any other program(s) at the Tuscola County Health Department? (Select all that apply)
2.Have you encountered any problems, or have concerns with any of the following? (Select all that apply)
3.How do you stay current on information from or about CSHCS? (Select all that apply)
4.Do you feel like you are actively involved in your plan of care?
5.Please rate the overall performance of the CSHCS staff you interact with
6.Please rate your overall satisfaction with the CSHCS program
7.Would you be interested in a support group for children with severe and/or chronic illnesses?
8.Do you have any needs not being met? (for example, housing, utilities, transportation, food, etc.)