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Is your sponsorship with Michigan Radio currently active?

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Has your sponsorship of Michigan Radio met your expectations?

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How would you rate your relationship with Michigan Radio?

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Has your sponsorship of Michigan Radio been an effective part of your goal to increase the awareness/image of your organization?

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Research conducted by NPR demonstrates that corporate sponsors experience a “halo effect” through their sponsorship of their local public radio stations. This effect shows that listeners are more likely to:

- View a corporate sponsor more favorably because of their sponsorship of the station
- Select a sponsor over their competition when making a buying decision.
- Believe that the sponsor is a good corporate citizen committed to serving the community where they do business.

In terms of the “halo effect” how would you rate your experience with Michigan Radio?

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Which factors encouraged your organization to choose a Michigan Radio sponsorship to assist you with your branding or event campaign?

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Explain how you believe sponsorship has helped your organization, or how it contributes to you achieving your objectives.

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How likely are you to recommend sponsorship of Michigan Radio to a colleague, friend, or business associate?

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